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As we all know, no one is exempted when it comes to accidents. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anyway, anywhere. When it comes to dental emergencies, let us find out what are the common situations that need emergency dental care and what we can do while awaiting help.

Common emergency dental care situations



Pain is always a hard companion anywhere you go. It limits your concentration, affects your mood, and can lead to further negative scenarios. That is why when a toothache is present, you almost always desire emergency dental care.

If you experience pain in the mouth, you have to determine the cause. This information is essential since requesting for an emergency dental care for a specific problem is easier. If the reason for the pain is food trapped in between teeth, rinse and brush your teeth to remove the food particles. If you notice that your gums are inflamed or swelling, rinse your mouth with warm salt water solution to alleviate the swelling and discomfort until you see your dentist. You can also take pain relievers and later inform the dentist about it so you can avoid overdose.  During your emergency dental care appointment, your emergency dentist can also prescribe antibiotics as needed.


Displaced or Knocked-out tooth

Accidents inflicting trauma to your mouth can cause your teeth to fall out or be removed from their sockets. If this happens, emergency dental care is necessary. If you can, push back the tooth to its proper position while holding the crown, NOT the root. If successful, secure the tooth position by biting on a towel or washcloth until you see your emergency dentist. If the tooth is completely dislodged and you cannot put it back, place it in a container with cold water or milk and immediately rush to have your emergency dental care.



We always consider severe bleeding on any part of the body as an emergency, and a bleeding mouth is not an exception. An emergency dental care procedure needs to determine the cause of the bleeding. If the reason is a tooth or gum problem, an emergency dentist can handle the job. But if the bleeding is from a ripped or lacerated tongue, a medical doctor can address this by an emergency suturing or surgery.


Chipped tooth

Cracking your tooth is not always considered a dental emergency. However, if pain and bleeding are present, emergency dental care is required. Your emergency dentist can check your chipped tooth and perform simple dental fillings. He also needs to address the cause of the pain and bleeding. If the tooth is severely damaged beyond repair, your only emergency dental care option is to extract the tooth.



In any situation, safety and comfort should always count as a priority. But in instances where unforeseen dental accidents occur, knowing that a valid and reliable emergency dental care is available can be beneficial. Know the hotline numbers of local emergency dental care providers in your area so in case of dental misfortunes, you know who to call.


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