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When accidents strike, you wouldn’t know what part of your body will get affected. You cannot prepare for anything that could happen because no one can predict when and how it is going to happen. So if an accident or a traumatic accident affects your mouth and it damages your oral cavity, how can it be considered a dental emergency? what makes your dental problem and after hours dental emergency?


After hours dental emergencies: Is it urgent?

No dental emergency can be put for tomorrow since the overall health of the affected tooth or teeth are affected. In fact, once your damaged tooth loses its blood circulation, it dies in a matter of hours within the day. So prompt attention by an after-hours dental professional is crucial for your dental health. Here are some of the examples of after-hours dental emergencies:

  • Knocked out tooth
  • Cracked or fractured tooth
  • Abscess in mouth or gums
  • Bleeding gums surrounding the injured tooth


After hours dental emergencies: Is it painful?


Having a well pronounced or even a dull ache affecting your teeth may mean different things, but all toothaches are considered after hours dental emergencies. It may be caused by food stuck in between your teeth or a more complicated dental problem, but whatever the cause is, if it prevents you from sleeping through the night, it is best to get the help of an emergency dentist.

Let us all be clear about some things about an accident. If the trauma presented to your oral cavity affects your tongue or lip that may require immediate medical attention, you should go straight to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. Your emergency dentist can only do so much about your teeth and gums, but if the bleeding comes from severe damage of your tongue, face, or lips, an emergency doctor may dress these better.


After hours dental emergencies: Who should I contact?

Knowing the hotline number of a dedicated and trusted emergency dentist services near your area is essential when you encounter an accident, and you fear that your teeth are involved. Their prompt attention and treatment can help save your tooth and may prevent further damage. There are so many dental emergency services available all over Australia nowadays, so make sure that you are able to secure yourself a copy of the best emergency dentist who can cater to your needs in the wee hours of the night. They can also give you first aid tips on how to manage your condition while waiting for your scheduled appointment.


Caring for our teeth even when your dentist is out is now made easy with after hours dental emergency services. Let their treatments and procedures help you care and prevent dental problems when mishaps happen.

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