Cracked tooth? Sudden Toothache? We got you covered.

Dental Emergencies can be as urgent as medical emergencies. They are essential in preserving the integrity of your teeth.

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What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency or emergency dentistry is a practice that caters to dental situations that require immediate or urgent care. Acute or severe dental accidents need attention so that further damage may be prevented. You can call our Emergency Dentist Sydney clinic to know more.


What situations can be considered a dental emergency?

In Sydney, dental emergencies often happen after an accident occurred that damaged or affected the mouth. Examples are a severe and abrupt toothache, chipped or cracked tooth, soft tissue trauma, bleeding gums, and others.


How much would a dental emergency cost?

At Emergency Dentist Sydney, the cost of availing dental emergency services depends on how severe the emergency is and the attention you would need. Consultation fees of the emergency dentist in Sydney who will treat you, the facility you checked into, and the corresponding treatment fee for the dental service that you would need are just some of the variables to consider for your dental expenditure.

The difference between a Dental and Medical Emergency

Emergencies affecting your mouth may either be considered a dental or medical emergency. The sudden pain felt on your teeth and gums are often considered a dental emergency. Other instances may be cracked tooth or lip due to trauma, broken tooth implant, or any dental fixture damage. If the trauma is now present on your jaw causing a possible fracture, tongue sliced or severed, or severe gum damage, medical attention may be warranted. Contact Emergency Dentist Sydney to know more about dental emergency situations.

More information about Dental Emergencies

Is dental emergency available on public holidays?

Dental emergencies, as the name implies, can happen anytime. An emergency dentist in Sydney should be available 7 days a week and be on call even on public holidays.

Contact Emergency Dentist Sydney anytime a dental emergency happens.

What is an After Hours treatment?

At Emergency Dentist Sydney, when your emergency appointment has been scheduled after the clinic hours, you can still avail dental treatment without an additional fee charged even if the on-call dentist is no longer in the clinic. Some dental clinics charge additional fees for after-hours clinic service. So if an accident occurs, contact your emergency dentist in Sydney immediately so that your appointment will immediately be scheduled.

What to do during a dental emergency?

Emergency Dentist Sydney advises patients when faced with an emergency, be it medical or dental in nature, it is always best not to panic. Anxiety makes us more inclined to have poor decision making and commit mistakes.  Presence of mind and focus are keys to preventing panic. Immediately call your Emergency Dentist Sydney and relay the situation. The dentist will then guide you on how to initially attend to your dental emergency and schedule you for an emergency appointment.

About Us

An emergency dentist in Sydney should be available any day of the week to address any dental issue you may have. Experienced dentists and dental personnel should be at your disposal so that any dental complaints that need immediate attention could be handled with extreme caution and expertise. After hours emergency service can also be availed by appointment at Emergency Dentist Sydney so as to make sure that all clients may be catered and attended to.


Children’s Emergency Dentistry

Due to their hyperactivity and mild to moderately unstable movements, children are prone to have accidental mishaps and injuries. Because their oral cavity, like all other body structures, is more fragile and needs more time to mature, an immediate call for dental attention is as essential as that of an adult patient. Any damage to a child’s milk teeth and its surrounding structures may affect and cause problems with their adult teeth. In any dental emergency concerning children, contact Emergency Dentist Sydney as soon as possible.

Common Dental Emergencies

The following are just some of the most common dental emergency situations reported in Emergency Dentist Sydney and how to apply first aid while securing an emergency dental appointment.


A sudden pain present on your teeth may mean a lot of things, so the immediate attention of your dentist at Emergency Dentist Sydney should be given to prevent further injury. While waiting for your dentist, you can rinse your mouth or gargle warm salted water to soothe some of the pain. You can also floss to remove stuck food particles that may cause a toothache. Intake of over-the-counter pain relievers may also help.

Chipped or cracked teeth
Losing a tooth filling or chewing and biting on hard food items can cause chipping or cracking your tooth. When this happens, avoid consuming very hot or very cold drinks and food as the nerve of the damaged tooth may be exposed and may make you sensitive to extreme temperatures. As much as possible, you should chew soft foods using the unaffected side of your mouth. Pain medications may also be useful to temporarily relieve your pain while waiting for your Emergency Dentist Sydney appointment.
Emergency extraction or tooth knocked out

Sports injury or vehicular accidents are some of the reasons why severe trauma may cause you to lose one or more teeth. If this happens, try to bite down on a clean cloth to apply pressure on the gums to stop it from bleeding. If you find the tooth, hold it on the crown and not on the roots. Try to slip it into where it is normally placed on your gums; if it doesn’t work, leave it and store it in a cup with milk if possible. Call Emergency Dentist Sydney to book an appointment as soon as possible.

Tooth abscesses and/or gum swelling
Pus and swelling present in the oral cavity may be a sign of infection.  It may be present together with fever, pain, and redness around the gums and teeth. Seek immediate dental attention so that antibiotics and other necessary medications to fight the infection as soon as possible may be prescribed as this may be, in some cases,  life-threatening if left untreated. Contact Emergency Dentist Sydney to know more.
Dental Emergency prevention
As they say, “Prevention is better than cure”. Although it is quite impossible to protect ourselves from unanticipated accidents at all times, there are ways to prevent having a dental mishap. Here are some of the tips Emergency Dentist Sydney has for you:

  • Use scissors or sharp objects to open packages or other things instead of your teeth.
  • When participating in sports and other physical activities, use a fitted mouthguard to protect you during a game or event.
  • Chewing or biting on hard items should be avoided as these may cause your teeth to crack or chip.
  • Follow a routine dental check-up, ideally every 6 months, so that your dentist may monitor and observe your oral and dental health on a regular basis.

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